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WordPress or Blogger?

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I just started blogging again yesterday on blogger.com and then stumbled upon this blog service.
Now I am wondering which would be better. I like the lot of customization options you have here, then again blogger lets you have multiple blogs within one account, so you can have one for cooking and one for vacations for example, without having to mix up both. So far I haven’t found any option like that here on WordPress, but maybe I am still too new and not used to the controls yet.

Also Blogger lets you change the layout of your blog so you see the changes right away, unlike here where you have to go back and forth between the options and the final layout. Then again, Blogger doesn’t seem a place for professional writers, or those who consider becoming one. It seems more like an online community like MySpace or all those others. WordPress does look more professional thought, but maybe it’s just due to the name or maybe because I just started here and haven’t figured out what type of users is on here yet.

What is a little annoying to me is, that without going into HTML mode I am not able to fully control the text formation. E.g. whenever I want to start a new line it automatically adds a paragraph instead, which makes it seem like I am starting a whole new thought within the post.

Well, I will stick around here for a bit and see how I get along with the controls and the users and then decide I guess.


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Written by Ocean

December 26, 2009 at 3:58 pm

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  1. If you want a comparison table for wordpress.COM features as compared to (Blogger) blogspot features then here’s the link http://pulsed.blogspot.com/2007/07/blogger-wordpress-chart.html

    I am a wordpress.COM, wordpress.ORG, tumblr and blogspot blogger. If you wish to read my post on the subject the title is: Blogger sucks: WordPress Rocks!

    When comparing the two I strongly suggest you use the HTML and CSS validators to check themes. Right out of the box most blogpsot themes do not validate. They are not standards compliant and throw 300 and more HTML errors at the user, and CSS errors as well.

    Also, although blogspot bloggers can hack the living hell out of their templates – very few know exactly what they are doing. I have spent 1 1/2 years on a forum dealing with blogspot bloggers, who have never used a HTML valdiator or CSS validator and do not know their a$$ from their elbow.


    December 26, 2009 at 10:02 pm

    • Thank you very much for the useful info and that link! :)
      It just confirmed what I thought already from the little time I spend on each of them. The more time I spend on WordPress the more I like it, even though it takes longer to get used to the controls than it did on blogger. What is also important to me and why I think I will stick to WordPress is the fact that the audience seems more mature unlike on blogger where I kept having the feeling that most of the users are teens (I might be wrong though).
      I also appreciate that you cannot edit the themes easily (even though I love designing them). From my experience on other online communities with blogs, I’ve seen that most either messed it up cause they didn’t know what they were doing or on purpose, so harm the users visiting their blogs.


      December 26, 2009 at 10:17 pm

      • Hello again. At wordpress.COM we can use Sandbox and create our own theme “skins”. There are also some free skins available as well.

        Sandbox themes (-> Appearance -> Themes sandbox 10 recommended version) are available and some wordpress.COM members have done some really amazing things with Sandbox. You can start with the CSS from that theme, or perhaps get one of the many sandbox “skins” that others have developed and work from that. If you Google “sandbox competition” and you will get a site with many skins for sandbox and there is also this site: http://sandboxskins.wordpress.com/
        Just make sure if you do decide to do this design work this that you get a “skin” that is designed for the version of sandbox that you are using. The lastest version here is 1.0 (sandbox-10).

        My experience of Blogger bloggers is that many are simply using free blogspot to earn a piddling income from advertising and affiliate schemes. Many of them lack expertise in any given area and also lack language and spelling skills. Many of the blogs I have witnessed are full of plagiarized contents and/or stolen contents (splogs and spam blogs).

        I’m not convinced that the wordpress.COM blogging community has more mature members. I am convinced that Automattic’s decision not to allow blogger imitated advertising on wordpress.COM blogs, and not to allow them to be used to drive traffic to third party sites is a sound one. The result is that wordpress.COM does not have the splogger and spammer problems that Blogger does.


        December 26, 2009 at 10:31 pm

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