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Job Agencies & Companies = Locusts?

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Once more I am looking for a job to finally get out of Scotland again and once more there are tons of job agencies emailing or calling me.
Each time I have to deal with them, I cannot push aside the feeling that I am just another one they are farming, without paying respect to me being an individual. They are so impolite and rude that I wonder if anyone at all wants to be employed by them.

Lots of times I received emails where they didn’t even bother addressing me by my name, or simply used my email address: Dear blabla@bla.com.. Even though I clearly stated my name at the end of the cover letter and also in my C.V. my name is stated right on top in big letters. Nothing you would oversee easily, unless you either don’t care or look down on the person you talk to.

Other times they do address me properly and we are having a phone interview and discuss the job and my availability, and they never come back to me at all. Usually the last think I hear is: ‘You seem to fit perfectly, your experience is exactly what our client needs!’. Since they are an agency you would assume that they forward your CV to other clients as well, but not even that they do.

I also experienced lots of times, that they email me, asking me for my availability, I reply with a time, and then I never hear from them again. Or I clearly state in my cover letter that I will need a relocation package, and we have the phone interview for more than 1/2 hours and when at the end I ask for the relocation cover, they never knew about that before hand. On top of that they have the nerve to accuse me of being unprepared in a very rude tone, even though they simply called me while I was at work, without even asking if that time would suit me.

Which leads to another negative aspect I keep noticing.
They don’t even seem to hesitate even one second when they call you while you are at work. Hell, from the C.V. they can tell that I am still having a job, and that I am on the phone all the time, still they call. When I tell them I got no time since I am at work I either get angry mails or never hear anything from them at all.

The worst I’ve ever experienced was with one company, which was a client of an agency that had contacted me about the vacancy that named company had. It was located in Gibraltar and they paid flight and accommodation in an expensive hotel for me, just to tell me 2 weeks later that they didn’t want me.
What wouldn’t have been all that bad, if it wouldn’t have been for the way they did it.
During the whole interviewing process I was in touch with one of the companies HR ladies, so we were sending emails and phone directly, without using the agency to communicate. When I got the message that they didn’t want me for the job any more, it was through the agency. And when I messaged the company asking for the reasons, I was told completely rude ‘Do not to bother us any more and to talk to the agency instead.’

So I asked the agency what happened and they came up with 2 reasons. First they told me my English wasn’t good enough (it was a position for a German Customer Service Agent) and when I asked the agency lady if she was serious about that, she offered to ask the client company for more details and suddenly I didn’t appear to be committed enough during the interview, since I had a fiancé in the US. (And I told them that he was most likely to come over to Europe since it would take us at least 5 years or even more until we would even be eligible to file a visa for me for the US.)

All those experiences are starting to make me feel really sick.
Of course there are millions of people looking for jobs, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to treat them like dead meat.



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Written by Ocean

December 27, 2009 at 9:40 pm

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  1. Oh, I am so with you on this, San. Things are no better in the States, and have been lousy for some time. I blogged about it back in 2004…


    Temporary & permanent employment agencies are a blight, a pox, and should be banned.


    December 28, 2009 at 8:46 am

    • Thanks for the comment :)

      It’s a little relieving to see that I am not the only one with bad experiences when it comes to job agencies. Unfortunately it’s not just the agencies, but also the companies themselves. Last year the department I worked in was outsourced, 1 month after I started working for this company and they never said a word during the hiring process and made me believe it was a stable job. We were 40 people at first and then we were only 8 left, still doing the same work of all the 40 peeps before, and the targets rose and rose. I went to the HR office several times telling them that I can’t handle all the stress, asking them to help me, specially since I was a new hire and hadn’t gotten the full training due to the outsourcing.

      Nothing they did and when I kept getting sick with stomach problems I got a disciplinary warning and a few weeks later my doctor diagnosed burnout syndrome, handing me a sick line for 4 weeks. Since of course I wouldn’t have been paid for that time, I came to an arrangement with the company at least to work part time.
      So my health got only half refstored, making it hard for me in the job I took after that one, and my money bag shrank half thanks to that.


      December 28, 2009 at 9:09 am

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