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Trapped at home

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Last week I contacted my landlord, asking him if we had any sort of granules or salt since the front yard were covered in ice when I came back from my vacation. He told me that it’s the task of the tenants to arrange that stuff, and since I knew I couldn’t discuss with him about it (even though I am almost 100% sure that here in the UK the landlords have to make sure that there is salt and it’s only the tenants task to put it on the street if it’s icy), I just said ok and went to the living room to talk to my room mates about it. They agreed more or less willingly (well actually more less willingly..) to share the price and I said I am going to check up on the price.

The next days I HomeBase and found out it was only 12 pounds for a 25kg bag, but since they didn’t deliver there was no way for me to transport it without having a car or even a driver’s license. My room mates were all on vacation, so I had no other choice but waiting for them to return. They did very late last night, so I didn’t want to bother them, specially since they couldn’t have done anything about it anyway at that time of the day.

When I got up this morning and got ready for work, I had to find out things had even worsened.
Not only the front yard was covered in ice, but also the stairs outside. Walking down would have meant accepting to break my legs since there isn’t even a handle to hold on to. We don’t even have anything here which I could have used to break up the ice, like a heavy shovel or anything alike. So I called up my landlord. Of course he wasn’t available, which forced me to leave a message on his cell phone, asking him, or someone else he knew who was close by to drop off a bag.

Now I am waiting for a response and for some odd reason I am not expecting any, at least not any time before tonight 8pm or later and of course not a positive one either..
Which made things even worse:
When I tried calling in sick at work, it just told me the message queue was full and would break off after trying to transfer me to someone else. I tried a few times which made me use up all the money on my card so I had to send an email to my department (which they don’t fancy at HR) in hope that the guys in Cairo (where the department is being outsourced to) don’t work on the emails yet and still the people I am actually working with do, so they can pass it on in time.

What upsets me the most is that if the landlord is not willing to help me out here, and my room mates neither, since they are jerks, I am going to be stuck in here until the ice clears off the stairs at least. So I am losing money since I cannot go to work.
The worst part of all, my landlord hasn’t given me the new leasing contract yet, so I cannot even do anything if he refuses to get the salt.


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Written by Ocean

December 28, 2009 at 8:12 am

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