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2010 Questions

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Will I find a new job?
Will I finally get away from call center jobs?
Will I be forced to deal with Germans again?
Will the job be better paid?
Will I finally be able to relocate to southern Europe?
Will the possible job pay enough so I can afford an own apartment again?
Will I be able to start studying?
Will I be able to see my husband on his birthday?
Will I be able to see him on mine?
Will we be able to spend Christmas together?
Will we spend the next New Year’s Eve together?
Will we have as many fights?
Will we have as many good memories when I visit him?
Will he be able to find a better paying job?
Will he be able to afford an own apartment if he finds a new job?
Will we maybe be able to file the visa for me already?
Will I be sick as often?
Will the new job be as stressful as when I started working here in Greenock?
Will I see more of Chicago?
Will I win lotto?
Will my husband get a Shiba Inu?
Will I get a cat?
Will my journeys to the US and back be as troublesome?
Will the flights be as bumpy?
Will the prices for the travels stay as low?
Will the British Pound finally rise again?
Will we have a real summer this year?
Will I have to keep living with my smoking room mates?
Will I be able to polish my Spanish?
Will I manage to find time to learn Mandarin?
Will I find games that don’t bore me after a few weeks or months?
Will I be able to afford those games?
Will I be able to see more of Scotland?
Will I be able to lose as much weight as I want to?
Will I become pregnant?

Questions over questions. I wonder when during next year I will be able to find the answers to them. Hopefully they will be positive answers. *crosses fingers*


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Written by Ocean

December 31, 2009 at 2:00 pm

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