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Irony of New Year’s Eve 2009 – 2010

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The day already started bad. I had phoned with my husband until 3:30am (which is a good thing since I suffer from some sort of insomnia), but then got so tired that I just wouldn’t wake up when the alarm rang at 6:45am and 7am. At 8:30am I finally woke up, wondering whether or not to go to work, then deciding to get my ass up to avoid trouble and to earn more money for my next vacation at my husband’s in May-June 2010.

I needed to use the restroom rather badly, but like it usually is, one of my roomies was in there, taking a shower. Yay! So I grabbed my clothes and got dressed and when I walked out of my room’s door, my roomy got out of the bathroom. Oh what pleasant surprise! (Oh and no, of course I would never dare to use sarcasm in my b logs…)

I jumped at the chance and used the restroom to refresh myself a little, before walking down the stairs, over the backyard with the ocean of ice on it, down the drive way and to the bus station right next to it. (Do you know that in German there is a New Year’s greeting idiom translated literally: ‘Have a good slide into the new year!’ ? Oh lovely irony..) Arriving there I waited 15 minutes for the bus, even though it was supposed to be there 5 minutes after I hit the bus station. (No not literally this time, lucky me..)

Finally in the warm bus, away from the freezing cold outside, I made my way to the main bus station, which was about 5-10 minutes away from where I had started. When I arrived there was no bus and like so often, it would take 20 minutes for the bus I needed to show up. 15 minutes later I arrived at the bus station at work, and another 7 minutes later I managed to climb up the hill and the ton of stairs that there are, and entered the office about 1 hour 15 minutes late.

Since it was 31st December, there weren’t many calls I had to handle. In fact it took 3 hours until I had my first call at all and the others only had 3-5 calls as well even though they had been at work for a few hours already. Enjoying this fact on the one hand side, and hating it on the other, since I was so tired and the boredom didn’t help it at all, I messaged my team leader to ask if I can make up for being late, by coming in 1 hour early the next Monday. She told me I didn’t have to since she was planning on letting people go earlier anyway, since there is nothing to do today, but she would need me to stay until my shift ends.

I agreed, thinking that it didn’t matter to me and wasn’t a big deal since I had set myself to working the full shift anyway. But then she came over and handed us the times when the others could leave. The first one left 30 minutes after she passed the note to us, that was at 11:30 am. The last of them left at 1:30pm and I was left alone with my tiredness and absolutely nothing and no one there to keep me awake.

So I struggled until I finally could go home at 5pm, not even bothering going to the super market to buy the supplies I needed before the stores would be closed for 2 days. As I arrived at home my room mates were preparing food.. lots of food… in fact tons of food.. and I knew that didn’t mean anything good for me and my sleep. As expected the first guest, a female with an annoying high pitched voice, who loved yelling at the others through the whole apartment while standing right at my door (and God knows how much I love the fact that the bathroom is next to my room at those occasions..).

By the time the last guest arrived I was fully awake thanks to the party and those smart drunk German guys, showing off their intelligence by saying Nobel Price rewarding comments like ‘Beer makes intelligent!’. In order not to feel the urge to extract my inner self onto the floor of my room, due to those smart remarks, I turned on my music and listened to some t.A.T.u, Depeche Mode, Origa, Queen and some others.

About half an hour before midnight my time, I messaged my husband, letting him know that I am still awake and waiting for him. Unfortunately he replied that he was still at work and when he gets home he would be too tired to come on, so instead of phoning he just wished me a Happy New Year via SMS. I was quiet disappointed, not by him, but by the circumstances, and replied that I would stay up till midnight his time (we got a 6 hour difference) so he should turn off the volume of his phone when he went to bed. I planned on staying up to at least call him at that time and drop a message on his voice mail.

Tired as hell I kept turning up the volume more and more to keep me awake, but at 5:30am I barely was able to keep my eyes open. Not even tooth picks in between my eye lids were helping..
20 minutes to midnight his time I just passed out, being angry with myself that I didn’t manage to stay up to leave him a message. At the same time I thought he probably is asleep anyway, so it might have been good not leaving one in case he forgot to turn off his phone’s volume.

When I woke up about 2 hours ago, after only 5 hours of sleep, I found a message from him on Google Chat. Right at midnight he had signed on, and I was asleep since 20 minutes and wouldn’t hear it.. (God I hate you for not letting me know you’re still awake before hand!!! *growls*) His sweet words made me just feel the irony of everything. All the time I was sitting there, trying to stay awake, not talking to anyone since I was simply not able to think straight (which wouldn’t have been an issue with my husband, since as we know, men can’t think straight either, not with the head brain at least xP ), while feeling pretty alone, thinking he was in deep sleep already. And when it was only 20 minutes to go, I fell asleep and missed him being online.

Happy New Year, oh sweet irony!


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Written by Ocean

January 1, 2010 at 12:29 pm

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