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The different Love Letter

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– A love letter from my husband to me –

I love you from the very depths of my soul. A love so deep, that pulls you in…like a twister…a big twister of love!
A love with the force of a hurricane and more powerful than ten Supermans combined and maybe Spiderman too.
A love that goes beyond the universe, maybe even past the parallel universes that co-exist within ours.
A love that is so pure, that a virgin who is dressed in pure white would look like a prostitute with STDs when compared to us.
A love that hits you harder than a train colliding into a nuclear explosion with a fireworks factory setting off in the middle.
A love more exciting than a rollercoaster ride while watching a dare devil attempt to jump through a ring of fire.
A love so sweet that a cake stuffed with brownies stuffed with cookies stuffed with ice cream would be tasteless compared to us.
In conclusion, I love you a lot.


My beloved husband just posted this on twitter while we were phoning.. and once more I am wondering what is going on in that man’s mind.. but wait.. do I wanna know? =_=”
In any case: I love you too hunny, even though you’re a big weirdo! xP


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Written by Ocean

January 3, 2010 at 10:51 pm

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