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The real Austin Powers aka Alex Soulsby!

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Actually looking for free to watch science shows on YouTube like the ones on Discovery or BBC, I stumbled upon a British cooking show on Channel 4 named “Come dine with Me”. Soon I became a fan and regular watcher, watching up to 30 episodes in row on weekends while waiting for my husband to come online.

So yesterday I was watching the show again, season 6 this time, and when I came to start episode 21 I just couldn’t believe my eyes and ears!
There was this guy named Alex Soulsby, who not just looked like Austin Powers, but also talked like him!
Almost each time they showed a scene of him they would turn on the Austin Power’s music and at the end he even did a thumbs up, which led the narrator to be speechless for the first time I’ve seen so far after a few hundred episodes. In episode 25 it’s all about him, but no “Austin Powers” specials unfortunately. Also during those 5 episodes it seems like he lost his “Mojo”, since the female he had a crush on neglects him. Nevertheless I love that guy! He is intelligent, funny as hell, well-traveled and for looking and talking like Austin he just gets 100 plus points!
*prays her husband doesn’t read this blog entry* xD

I hope whoever watches the episodes or any other of “Come dine with Me” enjoys it as much as I do. :)
You need to like British humour though, otherwise you won’t enjoy the jokes I am afraid.


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