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Forced to work 12h Nightshifts

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by Sanshiru

Yesterday afternoon our manager, the head of the HR department and the HR assistant who’s responsible for our team, popped up out of the blue. It was about the change of department. Our current department is outsourced to Cairo and our team is going to work for a different client within the company now. The news those three had to announce was, that they needed four of us seven to work a regular 12 hours night shift, from the moment the new department is being started.

Of course it would come with a 30% raise of income, but when I asked what happened if there weren’t enough people willing to do the night shift we were told that in that case we would receive a change of terms and conditions notice. If we don’t agree to they will try to find a different vacancy for us within the company and if there is none which we successfully apply for, then they look country wide for us, but only for a month, then we’re on our own.

So basically: Accept the change of terms and conditions or be fired.

What is so ironic about it is, that 2 weeks ago we had the latest new starts in our team, who are now screwed. I am starting to wonder if the company’s practices are even legal, specially since I had similar bad luck when I first started to work for this company 1 1/2 years ago.
One month after I had moved countries and started that job, they announced that the department I was supposed to work for was going to be outsourced.

After that was done half a year later, I changed departments within the company, and again they outsourced. This time we were told on a Friday, that we’re going to work for a different department the next Monday. And now this. I really cannot wait to get a job away from this company. The only thing I am going to miss will be the people here. Our HR assistant is an angel, always trying her best to help and make things better for you as much as she can, and my co-workers are just awesome people, always having a joke on their lips, making it a great time to be at work, even tho the customers are horrible.

© 2010, Sanshiru. http://san.icopyright.com


Written by Ocean

January 12, 2010 at 9:30 am

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