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The Netherlands and ACN Europe B.V. Amsterdam – A Review

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by Sanshiru

The Story:
From beginning of December 2007 till end of May 2008 I was working for ACN in Amsterdam.
It started all when they found an old C.V. of mine on Monster and contacted me, asking if I were willing to relocate and start working for them. They offered 1700 Euro pretax as fixed income per month (about 1200 Euro after tax), 6 months accommodation in a company house (the first 2 months were free, 3rd and 4th months I had to pay half the rent (200 Euro) and the last 2 months the full rent, utilities were included, but there was no internet/phone). In addition they paid the flight (you had to pay it first but were reimbursed afterwards) and also offered a voucher for a clothing store where you as employee would get a certain percentage off the price at all times. Read more..


A Christmas Carol or how you do not wish to spend Christmas..

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On 3rd December 2009 I started my journey to Chicago, to meet up with my husband for about 2 1/2 weeks. The time was just gorgeous and I didn’t want to leave him at all.Unfortunately I had to due to the lack of a visa, and seeing my husband leave the airport shouldn’t be the worst I experienced the day I had to leave.

Chicago Skyline from outside Shed Aquarium Chicago Skyline from inside Shed Aquarium Restaurant

At first the flight from Chicago to London, which was supposed to be leaving at 10:25pm, was delayed 45 minutes. When the plane finally arrived about 1 hour late, it took another 1 hour until we were able to take off, since the flight was over booked. So they were desperately looking for people who would take a flight the next morning instead, offering a voucher and free accommodation. First they offered a $300 American Airline voucher plus free hotel accommodation and a flight with confirmed seats the next morning. Then they changed the offer to a $500 voucher plus all the other things and in the end they even offered a $800 voucher, dinning voucher, hotel accommodation in Chicago and a flight with confirmed seats the next morning.

I was thinking about it but concerned since I had to have a connecting flight to Glasgow as well. So when they first announced the $500 voucher, I walked up to the counter and asked the lady there if they would also offer a connecting flight. Unfortunately she said that there were no flights to Glasgow available, so I went back to my seat again an waited. Silly me, I didn’t ask for an accommodation from Sunday to Monday in London and a connecting flight to Glasgow on Monday morning. I wish I had done so / thought of it earlier, since the 2 hours late flight from Chicago shouldn’t be the only hassle I had to deal with.

When we finally took off I wasn’t concerned about my connecting flight too much, since it was taking off at 3pm and we were supposed to land at 2pm with all the delay we had.
At about 2pm we landed in London Heathrow and as soon as I managed to step out of the plane and into the gangway, I noticed a queue of slowly walking people, which would come to a stop just after i had walked a few meters and wouldn’t go forward any more. Someone had forgotten to open the gate at the end of the gangway, so we were stuck in it until they opened it up, which took them a few minutes.

Then one of the airport assistants walked by, telling everyone, that the people who had connecting flights had to wait in the queue on the right side, while the others should pass them on the left. I was confused since I still had about 45minutes till my flight was taking off, since the queue was enormous though I didn’t dare to leave it, being afraid that I might miss my flight if I step out of it and just head on.
After 15 minutes I was the next and the guy told me that I had to rebook my flight. I still had 30 minutes until my plane would take off, but he insisted I rebook the flight and advised me to go towards the flight connections where I could do so. Read more..

Written by Ocean

December 24, 2009 at 7:53 pm