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IBM Greenock, Manpower & Adecco – A Review after 1 1/2 years

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by Sanshiru

The Story
So in Conclusion..
About working for Manpower/Adecco/IBM
About Greenock and Scotland
Living costs

The Story

1 1/2 years ago I got an offer from Adecco, to move to Scotland and work for IBM as technical support.
Thrilled by the idea to go to the UK and work for IBM I agreed and left my former, well paid and everything but busy job behind. The offer seemed good since they were paying the flight, accommodation for 10 days and 400 pounds cash after arrival. Everything was as they said when I arrived in early June 2008, but that was just the surface.

Enthusiastic I started the training, sucking in all the knowledge like a dry sponge does with water.
I was told that I would have some sort of newbie protection at first for at least 6 months, until I am a full fledged agent, meaning that they wouldn’t pressure me when it comes to meeting targets. So I was relieved and enjoyed every moment, taking pride in being an IBMer.

1 month after I had started there was a centre-wide meeting announced, in which the highest managers of this plant announced that all technical support was going to be outsourced to Hungary, but they also promised that they wouldn’t stop the service here. Rather we were supposed to work together with them as one team. Of course the first question that came to my mind was: ‘Why would a company who is seeking to reduce costs, keep employees that cost more than other while doing the same job?’

Back then I didn’t bother getting up and asking cause I already knew they would only come up with some bloody lies to make it look like they are an all great and generous company. So I kept quiet and watched them fail since they had not planned things well enough. While people started to leave the company, strange things happened:

They started to rebuilt the floor which we were on, so there was constant loud noise making it even harder for you to work, aside from all the stress. On top of that they started painting the office walls and heaters (and in that building it’s not possible to open the windows!!). Everyone got at least severe head aches from the fumes and some even got rashes within 1 hour. When we went to the Adecco HR office we were told: ‘Stop acting! It’s just water-based paint!!’. For days it went on and even the team leader had enough of the constant head aches and went home earlier with half of the team, which rewarded her with more than just dirty looks from the HR ladies. Continue reading..


Note to Self – An everyday Guide

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by Sanshiru

A list of personal fails of mine, updated as soon as they occur (if I am still able to post them afterwards..).

Note to Self #1:

Don’t keep your fingers in between the door and door frame when attempting to close the door.
Result if you don’t follow that advice: Very painful!

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Written by Ocean

January 10, 2010 at 8:13 pm

A Shopping Guide: How to find what you’re looking for

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Lately lots of people come up to me, asking me for help concerning PCs or laptops. Since it’s always the same pattern of them not knowing what they actually want, and me saying the same thing over and over to everyone who asks me, I decided to write this little guide which can be applied not just to IT equipment, but also all other things you wish to purchase.

First of all think of what you want to do with the item, in this case a laptop.
Do you want to play games? Do you want to surf the web and stay in touch with friends? Do you want to use high end graphic programs? For each question you need a different type of set up, which will be the ‘main ingredients’ or ‘frame’ of your search for the right item.

Let’s say you only want to use the laptop to surf the web and communicate with friends, so now you have to go into more details. Think about what you need in order to do all that. For sure it will need to have a network card so you can go online at all. Since you’re not planing on using it for graphic programs or games, you won’t need a high end graphics card, sound card or a lot of memory (both RAM and HDD). So you might just need up to 2GB RAM, and a 100GB HDD. Nowadays most messaging programs offer video chat, so a built-in webcam can come in handy. A fancy new Operating System might not be needed either, so Vista or XP might be the cheaper alternative to Windows 7. Since it’s the very basic things you wish to do with the notebook, you might as well consider buying a netbook, which are made for even this purpose. Unfortunately though, they are very small and it can be a hassle typing or reading on them. So think about what is more important to you: The weight and size or ease of use. What you shouldn’t forget to take a look at is the battery. After all you want to be mobile, but what good is it, if it lasts only 30minutes? Read more..

Written by Ocean

December 28, 2009 at 3:58 pm

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