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The Netherlands and ACN Europe B.V. Amsterdam – A Review

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by Sanshiru

The Story:
From beginning of December 2007 till end of May 2008 I was working for ACN in Amsterdam.
It started all when they found an old C.V. of mine on Monster and contacted me, asking if I were willing to relocate and start working for them. They offered 1700 Euro pretax as fixed income per month (about 1200 Euro after tax), 6 months accommodation in a company house (the first 2 months were free, 3rd and 4th months I had to pay half the rent (200 Euro) and the last 2 months the full rent, utilities were included, but there was no internet/phone). In addition they paid the flight (you had to pay it first but were reimbursed afterwards) and also offered a voucher for a clothing store where you as employee would get a certain percentage off the price at all times. Read more..


Twitter and it’s Point(lessness)

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Today I checked my twitter to see if my hubby left some silly comment again and noticed that one of the 3 people, who started following me without even ever saying a word to me, had stopped following. I wasn’t really surprised and neither was I mad or sad about it. That person just didn’t interest me from what he had posted on his twitter and so I never started following him.
Now though, a question occurs to me: Why do people just randomly follow others without even having anything to say to them or to twitter in general?

I saw lots of people with only 20-70 twitter posts, but more than 5000 followers and the same amount of people they follow. Has it become some sort of sports, to see how many idiots you can find who follow you without even being interested in what you have to say, if you have to say anything at all? Is that the only purpose of twitter to them? To me, when I made my twitter account it was for fun, to goof around with my husband, and I was thinking of starting a blog and keeping people up to date about it or exchanging quick messages when there is no time for long emails or calls. Am I so wrong about the usage of it?
And what about this idiotic behaviour that people add you to their follow list, never even once send a message or show that anything you said was of interest to them, and when you don’t follow them within 3 days, they delete you again (which really shows how interested they were in your tweets)? What is the point of being spammed by tweets of thousands of other users without finding any interest in them? Is that a new way of (un)intelligent bragging about something no one cares about: ‘I got the most!!! I am important!!!’ ?
Even though not a single one of them gives a damn about you or what you have to say.. and I doubt those people have anything to say to begin with..

It’s sad to see how people waste their time with idiocy like that, when they could do something creative, productive or simply hang out with friends and have fun. Sometimes, seeing so many people like the ones I talked about, I wonder if the IQ in the past years has dropped. Finding new interesting people to exchange thoughts with seems harder and harder. A few years ago I could go on what chat program ever or what forums ever and find tons of people who actually had to tell something, but now it’s mainly brainlessness.


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Written by Ocean

January 1, 2010 at 2:26 pm